While not completely DIY, have you had experience with Omio CNC?

(Marc Christensen) #1

While not completely DIY, have you had experience with Omio CNC?


(Mike Thornbury) #2

Not DIY in any way at all. It’s yet another drop-shipped, overpriced, Chinese-made, low-power mill.

How much do you make on each one?

(Daid Braam) #3

@Mike_Thornbury while I don’t say I disagree on your statement. It could use more elaboration. What is underpowered on it? Why is it expensive?
Note that DIY generally is cheaper then pre-assembled. As you cut out all labor, support and development costs.

Depending on what you want to do with it, this machine could be fine, or not stiff enough. It looks sturdy, but looks deceive. Most of the metal you see isn’t part of the overall sturdyness of this machine. Y motion is on steel rods, that are only fixed at the ends. So that will flex. Just as an example.

For a trained eye, this machine is engineered for cost down, while still looking sturdy for the untrained one.

And going back to “what you want to do with it”, if you want to cut wood, it’s most likely fine. If you want metals, it’s most likely unsuited.

If you go DIY, you can most likely build a similar performing machine for half the money.

(Sumito Oda) #4

I own and use the company’s product X3-300.
Products are shipped in regulated condition, only works to install stepping motors, not even assembly kits.

If you clearly have a purpose to make something using CNC engraving machine, it is not a bad choice.
(If there is one CNC machine, it will be a tool to DIY the second CNC machine)
There are many things to do with just using a machine.

If you want to enjoy from assembling the first machine, I think it would be better to choose another cheaper, unadjusted assembly kit.

(George Allen) #5

I don’t own that brand, but another 3020. I really like their precision vises. I believe John Laurer over in the Chilipeppr group owns one. I think he may have removed the controller board from it and replaced it with a TinyG controller.

(Mike Thornbury) #6

@Daid_Braam you’re right - I was probably going through my occasional ‘pissed off with non-diy spam in the diy cnc thread’ state.

Upon further research Omio do seem to be solid performers, even though they are Mach-centric (yuk).

Review: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?275124-OmioCNC+report