While I am at it.

While I am at it. Here is some TinyG / Chilipeppr action milling at 1200mm/min. This foam is stuff I get at Home Depot and it works great for test milling. 3x3 ft. sheet is like $5 bucks. I did mess up however, I used aspire to generate the gcode with a 2mm endmmill and its actually a 2.5 mm end mill. This is why you see too much material being removed.

1200 mm/min is pretty nice speed. My understanding is the 3040 can go to 4000 mm/min max feedrate and 3000 mm/min when carving.

Hey John or Riley, I tried milling foam last week as well, I notice my edges aren’t as nice as Riley’s video. I was using 1778mm/min or 70in/min 5000rpm with a 1/4 inch ball end mill. Do you think my spindle rpm is too slow? @jlauer

Hmm. I hate to say it, but i’d do trial and error. I think the nature of your foam is key and that there’s no feeds and speeds you’ll find online that totally nail it. Can you setup a bunch of different test runs with different feeds and spindle speeds to get a feel? That’s what I would do.

Also I used a brand new endmill not a ball nose. I think the ballnose is your problem.