Which Angstrom version to flash to MicroSD?

Which Angstrom version to flash to MicroSD?

I just got my BBB (4GB) a week ago. I’m going to flash the latest image to MicroSD. Alas, the instructions are unclear to me. Which version am I supposed to use?

Here’s my choices from this page (as I see it):
For the Beaglebone (also works on BBB without flashing EMMC)
Debian (BBB - 2GB SD - updated May 2014)
Angstrom (4GB - updated June 2013)

For the BBB (EMMC Flasher)
Debian (BBB - 2GB - updated May 2014))
Angstrom (BBB- 2GB - updated September 2013)

I got the new version BBB with 4GB. Do I want the Angstrom EMMC 2GB 09-2013 image? Another one? I guess I’m worried that the 2GB image won’t work right on the new 4GB BBB?

You really don’t want to use the Debian distribution instead? I couldn’t wait to replace Angstrom on my pre-rev C boards.

The 2gb emmc images will work just fine on your 4gb bbb, though. You can edit the partition table and resize the filesystem afterward, in much the same way that sdcard images are expanded.

Thanks a bunch, @Noah_Friedman . Especially since I’m certain it’s a newbie question (though I did read everything i
could find).That’s exactly what I needed to know on both counts. I was going to use Angstrom because that’s what they recommended. It hadn’t even occurred to use Debian. Now, it has! So, if I use Angstrom, would I use the EMMC September 2013 version? Is there any difference between debian and Angstrom with regard to gpio usage or beaglescript? Again, thank you. I promise I won’t begin a thirty-post plea for a walkthrough. :slight_smile:

I’ve only started playing with the debian build but it looks like it includes all the kernel mods like the cape manager and device tree overlays, and userspace tools like bonescript, that were added to angstrom for the BBB.

The advantage of Debian is that there are more packages built for it and (in my experience anyway) updates are less likely to break anything.

The downside was that Debian takes more storage, but with the 4gb emmc that’s not really a problem anymore.

My guess with regard to Angstrom is that the Sep '13 image is the latest installer to be published.

Again, awesome information. I’m pretty sure I’ll follow your recommendation and go with Debian. I like your reasoning. On the BBB getting started page it doesn’t say whether to use the EMMC flasher version or the other image. So, just to be sure, for both Debian and Angstrom use the EMMC flasher version? Again, thanks @Noah_Friedman

That’s what I would do unless you want to play with angstrom before making a decision. You can write the non-emmc version to a microsd card and boot it from there, then compare with the Debian image that should already be installed on your BBB. If it’s the 4gb version (rev C) I suspect it’s already current since that just came out a few weeks ago.

Got it. That is what I’ll do. I understand much better, now. I’ll pass on your kind assistance @Noah_Friedman by helping someone else. Mike

Just a follow - up, @Noah_Friedman The Debian is working great. Thanks for your help when I posted this.