When was the last time a full set of STLs were generated for this

When was the last time a full set of STLs were generated for this project? I see the project page on thingiverse, but it doesn’t link to any github, and the STLs are from January?

I haven’t had time to upload new STL’s but it’s next on my todo list!! Hoping for that to happen tonight.

Currently printing the front chassis plate in purple PLA (just to get something printed), those still safe to print? (no major changes?)

No changes to the plates except for holes for the servo holder. I drilled those on mine.

OK, I’ll get on those STL’s as soon as get home I think! :wink:

Then that’ll keep me occupied! :smiley:

Working on the STL´s now…

@ThantiK Ok, i didn´t have time to do all, but here is a zip with the most essential stuff sucha as wishbones, shocktowers and diff bulkhead. There´s some other parts in there aswell. I will post a complete package to Thingiverse and Grabcad tonight!

In the meantime, download this ZIP: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7TCLh-I8q6YRzlUV0h1RmhEVWs/edit?usp=sharing

@ThantiK Would Github work for a project like this? I set up an account but i know less than nothing about Github. Can it be easily explained??

@Daniel_Noree yeah, github is a valuable tool to learn for developers of many types. It’s more valuable for OpenSCAD-based modeling though, as you get diffs and version tracking, etc.

@ThantiK I would love to see your progress so far, care to post some pictures later?

@Daniel_Noree will do once I have something that doesn’t come out like crap. I got 60% done with the front plate last night and my damn extruder crapped out on me.

@ThantiK Ok, i´m trying to figure out how Github works and how to apply it to a project like this…

The idea, is that you keep a master, break off development branches from there, work on what you’re doing, commit and note your changes, then merge the branch with master once you’re satisfied with the changes being made mainstream.

It might not be for you. If you don’t understand the flow of things, don’t try and force yourself into it; you’ll just use a lot of time trying to figure it out. If you’re a programmer though, it’s hard to imagine life without version control.