When executing the CHECK SIZE command, the laser does not turn on

When I execute the CHECK SIZE command, the laser does not turn on, although the CHECK-SIZE POWER parameter is set in the same way as TOOL TEST POWER for the LASER TEST button, and everything is in order.
In the console I see the command:

Run Command (|            G90
G0 X0.1 Y0.1 F1800
G1 F1800 S30
G1 X49.9 Y0.1
G1 X49.9 Y49.9
G1 X0.1 Y49.9
G1 X0.1 Y0.1

and there really is no turning on the laser, is it just me?

Apologies for slow reply.

This is correct, the Check Size command currently does not issue either a M3 (or M4 as appropriate) command before running. This has been discussed before and is (sort of) deliberate. We want to force the user to explicitly enable the laser.

Manual turning on the laser is not very convenient, and then it is not clear why the TOOL TEST POWER parameter is used, if the laser is turned on manually?

Not all machines are the same; the Tool Test and Check Size were originally implemented with Tube/CO2 lasers in mind. Where having them separate and making it hard to accidentally fire the machine is more of a priority.

That’s not to say this could not be improved, but it’s probably not as simple as it seems, and the current set up is OK’ish.

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