What's your most used layer height?

What’s your most used layer height? Comments and suggestions welcomed

.2 and .4 mostly for me.


0.3 only on big stuff with much infill. 0.2 for the most stuff. 0.1 only for things I really need it for. 0.1 can really get shitty on overhangs and so on.



.4 and .5 I am impatient, a print shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

0.28, followed by 0.12.

Look at that perfect bell curve around most slicer’s default settings!

Really depends on the part. For parts built just for function 200 microns works well. If I really want something high res 100 (more artsy stuff) and 300 if I just want a draft quality. I would say 9/10 prints are at 200 microns for me

0.254, my z-axis has imperial pitch.

0.125 for me!