What's your favorite material?

What’s your favorite material? Share your experience bellow

Polymaker PC Plus. Needs more heatbed temp. But sticks well, does not warp and its strong like hell. Also its expensive xD But otherwise its just fine. Only two colors available ;D After that nylon. Warps but is flexible and strong as hell! After that PET/PETG

I love PLA since I do not use a heated bed, I print inside with no fumes, and if a print fails, i just throw it in the recycle bin. Environmentally friendly.


Taulman N-vent and Tech-G. Exquisite to print with and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Mostly printing with Colorfabbs XT, nGen and FormFuturas Atlas-Support

Raptor PLA

I prefer ABS, easy to work with, and just need some acetone to work with leftovers.

I have tried ASA from 2 different sources. Right now, my favorite is MatX ASA from E3D-Online.