What's the best tube mount that's 3d printable?

What’s the best tube mount that’s 3d printable? I’m not convinced the ones I printed a year ago are better than stick but probably not the best out there.

What are you using and could you supply links please.

This was the last one that I printed up but never installed due to selling the unit.

That looks nice and simple but knowing how well made these machines are made I wonder how many shims I might need to get the correct hight.

@donkjr I’m just printing the other one @HalfNormal posted but that was the one I was looking at. I guess I’ll just have to try both and see which one fits in my extension tube.

The picture I took of it does not show it correctly. That top piece actually rotates 180 degrees and that is your height adjustment.

@HalfNormal right I get it, left and right but the fixing bolts to the chassis and height but turning that top but upside down. Thanks that’ll do nicely

Just a note:
I was in the back of my machine replacing a leaking coolant hose on the output side of the tube [that was not a fun exercise] and I noticed that the stock mounting of the tube leaves it quite “springy”.

Its because the tube mounts are lined with rubber! I wonder if this is part of the constant need for alignment? I have never seen an optical system were the light source is shock mounted be successful?

Have any of you that changed out the mounts noticed better optical stability and less need to realign optics?

I am still thinking that the laser should be mounted on a sub-frame that is installed into the k40 cabinet as a modular unit… perhaps when I go to 50-60 watts I can make one that slides in from the right to left of the cabinets cavity :). Oh shit… doing it again… can’t leave good enough alone!

@Andy_Shilling here is the correct orientation.
@donkjr notice the box?!

@HalfNormal that looks perfect, I’m running it at 40% infill so will take a little while to do but hopefully be ready when the rest of the machine is rewired and new extraction position is sorted.

Are you thinking of something like the mount in this video?

@Nigel_Conroy exactly that!

Nice! Did you print the mount using pla or abs? Here in Australia it can be very hot and when the laser is not used, just stored in the workshop (40+ degrees Celsius) would pla give any problems / deformation?

PLA. With a melting point of 190C, I am sure that 40C is safe!