What software are you using in your 3D model creation/fix workflow?

What software are you using in your 3D model creation/fix workflow? I’m looking for your ideas.
I’m using;
Punch! CAD (inexpensive 2D 3D CAD but has some bugs)
123D Design (no text support, no support for 2D imports)
Tinkercad (very simple, very simple)
Meshmixer (fix some mesh issues from scans)
netfabb (fix mesh, verify manifold)

I’m using solidworks and axon2

solidworks, netfabb when i have to fix things i download from thingiverse

openscad, Slic3r, pronterface, sprinter.
sometimes a little low poly modeler called metasequoia when I want to do a model more visual than coded.

OpenSCAD, Slic3r, Pronterface, Marlin
occasionally I use meshlab to split plates, modify orientations, etc

I’m always more comfortable with OpenSCAD, being a programmer. So my workflow is generally similar to @Jonathan_se5a_Sorens . OpenSCAD, Repetier-Host, Slic3r, Marlin.

Netfabb for cleaning - it has the auto fix, but more importantly the cut feature. You scan slice the bottom off of a model very easily.

Inventor. I work for Autodesk, but students can get a copy for free.

Solidworks (just purchased) axon2

Sketchup, netfabb, slic3r, pronterface.

I feel axon2 is very limited in terms of control, I’ve only used axon are there better options?

I have the BFB3000

I’m using a Mac and I use ViaCAD 2D/3D, then either ReplicatorG or MakerWare (both of which use Skeinforge for slicing).

SolidWorks 2013 / NetFabb / Axon2 and 3 / KISSlicer / Slic3r.
Own a Bfb 3D Touch and a Leapfrog Creatr.
@Anthony_Truss Axon 2 slices very slow, Axon 3 is way faster. But KISSlicer is very fast and works pretty good for me. But printing two color objects is still an issue with both slicers. Axon 2.0.1 would do the job they say, but not for me. The Leapfrog Creatr is a Dutch machine (i’m Dutch too :slight_smile: ) but I fancy my UK build 3D Touch more because it runs without the need to hook up a PC. What’s more? the Creatr makes a lot of mechanical noise while the 3D Touch is pretty silent.