What is the best way to waterproof the 3-pin connectors between WS2811 strips?

(Ben Schattinger) #1

What is the best way to waterproof the 3-pin connectors between WS2811 strips? I’m planning to use a CableGuard box for the controller, but I need to waterproof the connectors in between each of my 6 strips. I’d like to not hot glue them, as I want to be able to re-use them individually.

(Chris Parton) #2

I replace the standard connectors with water resistant ones like these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2Pairs-4Pin-24AWG-IP65-Black-Waterproof-LED-Strips-Cable-Wire-Connector-OD-4mm/301883010294

(Dougal Campbell) #3

Heat shrink tubing? Rubber cement?

(Ben Schattinger) #4

@Chris_Parton How would I attach them? Do you separate the wires of the strip and individually connect them, or do you solder them directly to the strip? I’m using a strand of individually wired LEDs, so I can’t really do the latter.

(Mike Katchmar) #5

Heatshrink tubing and electrical tape has worked for me. May need to replace the electrical tape every couple years but for now it’s worked for my christmas decorations.

(陳柏廷) #6

self-adhering silicone tape ?

(Mike Katchmar) #7

@10e05991b0888ec5312e Something like this:

(Chris Parton) #8

@Ben_Schattinger I solder mine to the strips. Is your current 3-pin connector soldered to the strip? Seems like you’d just unsolder that and solder on a new connector.

A photo of your setup would be useful :slight_smile:

(Christopher Kirkman) #9

My way was a little hokey, but I 3d printed a little box to fit around the connectors and sealed that by spreading silicone aquarium sealant around the whole thing. It’s not exactly modular, but the sealant peels or slices off pretty easily if you want to get back to the connectors.