What is the best type of tube to get for air assist,

What is the best type of tube to get for air assist, every tube I try kinks and blocks the air flow?

@Phillip_Meyer this is the stuff I have used.
Also installed a track and fed the pipe through it so it doesn’t kink. This is silicone air pipe and more flexible.

standard 1/4" aquarium tubing works well, doesn’t kink when bent by my cable carrier.use the edge of your hand to test the bend, any pet store or Home Depot should carry it.

The silicone kind is more flexible than the other (whatever it is).

Here’s a chart of minimum bend radii for various silicone tube thicknesses.


And here’s one for nylon tubing (commonly used for pneumatics)


I also recommend the silicone aquarium tubing.

Thanks, I’m in the UK so the http://Amazon.co.uk option should work well

@Phillip_Meyer if you have a “pets at home” close by they sell the same tubes Philip.

@E_Caswell Thanks, we have one just around the corner.

And if possible, use an actual cable carrier/cable chain for it. It will prevent those kinks.

I am using a cable chain but the pipe is kinking where it comes out and loops around to join the laser head, very frustrating.

Try to leave some more slack there, or if possible turn the head so the fitting is coming off at a different angle.

What he said. This is how mine looks:

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No I love how your lcd is still on the bubble wrap and production in the bed :stuck_out_tongue: nice bed btw!

@Phillip_Meyer This is mine, chain going towards the back rather than the top. Just wanted to be different than everyone else. :grin:

I think this is the same as Pops & Phillip’s tubing and it’s the tube I used. Just a hint with Silicone tubing it has a sticky feeling and can collect FOD when handling it… a little mild soap in water on a papertowel and cleans right up.

+Joe Alexander, lol, yeah it’s been sitting there because I keep procrastinating on redoing the panel on the machine.

@E_Caswell , actually, almost everyone does it like yours. I’m one of the few that has it on top. I didn’t like how it flops around when I had it the way you do.

Strange my existing pipe kinks with such a small curve, will buy another pipe this week