What do you do when your printer is printing perfect?

You introduce new variables!

During my education on why my A10 was not printing correctly, I had also ordered a dual drive extruder with Capricorn tubing. I have not really put it through its paces yet but printing small items it appears to work well.

I will update how I feel about this combination and how it is working out. I also have another hot end I am thinking about mounting but not sure I really need it or it will change anything substantially.

Waiting on a display for my I3 that I tried to burn down so I can clean up the wiring and get it running again.


I experience this state so rarely that when it does happen I look for the reality or prank show cameras. :smile_cat:


Perfect… hmmm sounds scary. :smiling_imp:

I would build another one, or find a new hobby since all goals are achieved.