What Development Environments/IDEs are folks using? What languages?

I mostly program in OpenSCAD (and RapCAD), and try to use various visual tools (BlockSCAD, OpenSCAD Graph Editor), and sort of tie it all together on GitBook, but this is getting to be unmanageable.

I’m about to just launch LyX and try dumping everything into LaTeX using:

(or maybe I’ll just use raw LaTeX in TeXshop on my Mac)

but was wondering if anyone had any especially elegant environments they are using which are esp. well suited to 3D work.

I tried Jupyter Notebook once:

but never found it comfortable to use. Has anyone been successful w/ it?

A while back, there was a discussion about OpenSCAD as a front-end for various systems:

and the final recommendation there was kind of interesting:

For glue code and quick hacks I tend to use python, edited in nvim. I use git for version control for all of my hand edited files like code or custom gcode.

I don’t do much file munging or generating for CAD/CAM, though. I may soon need/want to hack a little on FreeCAD CAM which from my initial skim of the docs I gather can be done in Python with the intensive bits in C++ if necessary.

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Eclipse for things like STM32 and the Arduino IDE is moving to the same core IDE parts(Arduino IDE v2) but lots of other stuff is done on the command line like PlatformIO CLI. I used to use Atom(?) but that was frowned upon by git when they were getting bought by Microsoft and then it was pushed out for MS Visual Code. That company has destroyed so many things I just don’t touch anything they touch unless I really have to and even then it’s best to be offline when doing it. Makefiles, bash scripts and more Python work fine and are fast. Lots of OSS CAM tools are done in Python and both OpenSCAD and FreeCAD support Python extensions.

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