What are the alternatives to LM8UU bearings?

What are the alternatives to LM8UU bearings? I am hoping to make my machine quieter.

I don’t think your noise comes from the bearings.

Its does. I checked.

Maybe try lubricating them?

Or invest in higher quality lm8uu’s, the ones on the cheaper side tend to be noisey.

You could also try igus bushings.

I might try one of the printable LM8UU replacements. Anyone tried these? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16813

When I tried PLA bushings, they were quite crappy. PLA doesn’t have much give, and it also wears away quite quickly. Right now I’m considering actually using these: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:68338

They’re stiff, but not as stiff as I’d like. Still more stiff than the PLA versions once they’re worn in. I suspect they’d last longer.

I also don’t know how easy those little felt dots are to source across the pond. (These use 3/8" felt adhesive circles)

Another option is going to be Nylon versions; It’ll be the first trying those too.

I need to do something as my printer sounds like most the balls have fallen out of the bearings now.