We've moved to Cloud9 for all new widget hosting with Github backing.


We’ve moved to Cloud9 for all new widget hosting with Github backing. Check out the new template at http://github.com/chilipeppr/widget-template and then try out the Edit URL at http://ide.c9.io/chilipeppr/widget-template

(Frank Graffagnino) #2

very cool… not sure what the implications are, but it sure looks and sounds cool!

(Dat Chu) #3

The nice thing is then you can work on your plugin with github backing online. No software necessary.


You got it. Now you can fork other people’s widgets via standard Github forking. You’ve got per widget issue tracking. There’s also a runme.js Node server in the template that auto-generates all of your documentation and uploads it to Github so it’s easier for other folks to understand your widget.


I don’t know, each JSFiddle was beautifully designed and self-encapsulated. I think ChiliPeppr has probably already surpassed many other open source projects for how many devs have contributed given how easy and unassuming the JSFiddle model was/is.

(Frank Herrmann) #6

IMHO it’s fantastic and bring Chilipeppr Development to a new milestone. You have a lot of tools in cloud9 to develop ur code in a professionel way. For me it was terrible to use “find” in jsfiddle. It was impossible, also a list of all functions and so on … i like cloud9 and will use this also for my other projects.

(Miguel Sánchez) #7

This has to be super cool, once I figure out what it means. Thanks @jlauer

(Riley Porter (ril3y)) #8

Wow john i didnt see this. This is great!


Cloud9 is pretty amazing. The Javascript intellisense is actually better than most editors I’ve seen. The huge downside is that it’s way less intuitive how many steps you have to take now to fork somebody’s widget. We’ve gone from 1 step to about 8 steps.

(Gordon Broom) #10

Man, I JUST figured out how forking in jsfiddle works. Now I need to learn something new :slight_smile:

I like the github backing, it makes it easier to look under the hood without having to fire up CP. I’m not so sure about having to grant c9 complete access to my github account. I may make another account solely for chilipeppr work.

Hopefully github backing will make forking and (more importantly) merging code easier.

(Brent Dowell) #11

I just went through the JSFIDDLE Hello World video. Are you guys going to do a similar one for this environment? I’ve got a couple of widgets I’d like to work on.


Yeah, we do need to make a new video. The only bit of info out there right now is the “ChiliPeppr 2016” video on youtube that Frank and I made.

(Brent Dowell) #13

Can I assume it’s safe to work on a widget for now in JSFiddle and move it over to cloud9 later? Been working on one and making some real progress now. Gotta say how impressed I am with how you’ve got the whole Chilipeppr API/OS setup. Once I worked through a couple of issues, it’s all going quite smoothly.


Yes you are fine using jsfiddle for now.