Welcome to your new home

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

I would like to welcome John Lauer and the ChiliPeppr community to their new home on The Maker Forums.

Anthony Bolgar

(Ned Hill) #2

Awesome! Welcome to all the Chilipeppr community members:D

(Loop Masta) #3

Hi. Migrated Google+ user here. Just checking the new forum.
Looks like most of my tools are covered in this forum somewhere. :slight_smile:
My current toolchain: Fusion360 -> chilliPeppr -> tinyG -> OX CNX

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

If there is a category you think we should add let us know

(George Allen) #5

Do we need to subscribe to individual categories?

(Ned Hill) #6

Hi Gallen,
In Discourse you do not need to “subscribe” to individual categories per se but it is very flexible in how you can choose to follow/not follow a Category/Topic. You can see these topics in the site help/feedback section. (if you click on the small down arrow on the top right of the links below they will expand so you can read the post without leaving the current post) By default you are following every category.

If you want to add a category to the Chillipepr Cat just let us know and it will be added.

(Ned Hill) #7

@funinthefalls maybe you should just go ahead and create the same cats that are currently in the chillipepr G+ group.

(Anthony Bolgar) #8

Will do so today, later this afternoon.

(Anthony Bolgar) #9

Looks like they only have one. :slight_smile:

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(Grant Le Sueur) #10

Thanks for helping make us a new home Anthony

Fusion360 -> chillipeppr -> tinyg -> Chinese 6040 1.5kw + vfd -> Clear path servos