Web interface crashes CNC

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Hi, been struggling for a few days with a large-ish CNC (1mx1.5m), being controlled by a Smoothieboard V1.

First, I have to run it via ethernet - USB disconnects when the spindle is running.

The board has recently been crashing while we do long CNC runs (> 1 hour). Crashing with no error message. Not responding to web requests, nor USB connections. Only way to recover is power down. Usually at an arc after a long single cutting command.

I went through the usual steps:

Check G-Code - remove any extraneous M commands.
Check SD card - G-Code not truncated.
I formatted the SD card, and swapped it for another - all with no change.
I updated to the latest CNC firmware.
I went through the config file, updating it to match the latest example.
I checked that triggering home switches did not halt the system.
I measured stepper driver temperatures to see they weren’t too hot.

Nothing worked, except shutting down the browser which was running the web interface.

Now I can complete jobs that are hours long.

As far as I can tell, all the browser is doing is triggering a periodic position report, but this seems to be enough to crash the latest version of CNC firmware when playing a file.

I’ll add an LCD interface to the setup so I can have a progress feedback while it is going (and maybe an error report in the next case?).

I was disappointed to find that I cannot stream through the ethernet interface via bCNC or UGS.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who post on these forums. It really helps when these problems creep in.

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