We are nearing 20k Members ...

We are nearing 20k Members … should’t we celebrate that with a Hangout?

How about the 20th of March - @Katie_Yates wanted me to host a Hangout on Air about 3d Printing with some of our Mods here at “3D Printing”

I already booked a VideoRoom at Google Munich ^^

It will be 6:30 PM, GMT+1 - since that is like the only time i will have time to do it - and now i want to collect some of your questions you’ve always wanted to ask people like @Jonathan_Buford @Josef_Prusa @Richard_Horne @Whosa_whatsis and all the other Big Boys (do we also have some of the big girls? Maybe @Rachel_Park ?)

I would ask:
What technologies do you see just emerging, for example:

  • alternate filament feed or heater elements
  • closed loop motion control
  • printing simulation software
  • materials that have special electrical, thermal, mechanical or optical properties
  • post processing operations
  • multiple or mixed material printing
  • higher degree of freedom machines, e.g. pitch, roll and yaw print head control
  • pellet feeders
  • others?