We are going to show our robot at "Make Munich" http://meetu.ps/LR08n on the 20-th

We are going to show our robot at “Make Munich” http://meetu.ps/LR08n on the 20-th of April. If you are happen to be in Munich (Germany) these days, and want to take a look and drive with our robot, just visit our booth at the exhibition.

What is the price tag on these babies ?

Please take a look at the corresponding page: http://veterobot.com/orderkit.html

Yeah I was afraid of that. Wake me up when it goes below the 500$ mark.

It’s a completely open-source project. If you will build it yourself, the price will be somewhere around $500 (depending on the price for parts you will get).

Yes, it is 3D printed. Please check out http://veterobot.com/buildyourself.html . All 3D models and STL files are available.

Just to avoid confusions - chassis with tracks are NOT 3D printed. But the rest of the body is.

… there was a question in comments whether the robot is 3D printed. I answered it, but the question disappears somehow. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see one in action!


Just to make waiting a little bit easier, you can watch some demo videos :slight_smile: http://veterobot.com/demos.html

@Andrey_Nechypurenko have you already registered and filled out the survey?

Yes. I did.