Want to win a Beaglebone Black? Go to element14.com/community ,

Want to win a Beaglebone Black? Go to http://element14.com/community, find this image of Boris (specifically THIS image) and comment on page where you found him. Terms apply: http://ow.ly/kBaWr

I was very tempted to post the image in the forums and point to it but I figured that would mess up your contest I’ve scoured the site and videos with no luck.

So you didn’t find him then, @Kevin_Mackett ? If you need a hint, we hear Boris is a big fan of energy harvesting! :wink:

I’ll dig in again and look. Cool site, if I don’t win a BBB, I’m still glad to have found this resource!

hello i found the boris what should i do??

@Mukund_Baviskar You need to comment under the blog where you found him on the element14 community.