want to start up laserweb super fast in windows...

want to start up laserweb super fast in windows… create a batch file to load the server for you… open notepad insert the text in the large red box and choose (save as) in the file menu. chose all file types from the dropdown menu and change the .txt extension to .bat… you could add "git pull’ on the line above “node server-smoothie.js” if you want to make sure you are running the most up to date version of Laserweb upon every load… then its just business as usual loading Laserweb in chrome


I am not sure if adding the git pull is recommended, as Peter recently mentioned to not do it on every load as he commits a lot of code before it’s fully ready. Unless he has changed his stance on that & I missed it.

+Peter van der Walt I just had a thought, if I git pull while node server-smoothie.js is running, do I need to close it & run it again? Was curious if I could just create a gitpull batch on it’s own to run whenever I see the gitpull message in LW console & whether I needed to shut node server-smoothie.js down first?

+Peter van der Walt Okay cool. Probably best to shut server-smoothie.js down first. Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to be a pain, but what does the -k command do in this batch file? Also, I tried adding chrome.exe localhost:8000 after the start of node & it doesn’t get to that execution point… Is there a way we can do that?

edit: Actually, never mind… I figured out how to open a chrome tab to localhost:8000 by running it as 2 batch files. Main batch file opens the “node server-smoothie.js” start command in a second command prompt, then continues to open the chrome tab for LW3.

-k will keep the console open after batch file is done running the commands you gave it

@Alex_Krause Thanks Alex.

I just installed this today. Seems to be just what I have been looking for. I started trying to find a way to start the server and open the browser to localhost:8000. I created this batch file, call it what you want.