Walt disney 1945 industrial cartoon "the abc of hand tools" tool care & handling 48344


This looks very familiar and “Primitive Pete” rings a bell. There’s a good chance I watched this in the high school auto shop a very long time ago.


Woo, that brings back memories.

I help teach machinists at a local college and am amazed by how many haven’t used hand tools enough to understand nuances like what is a good amount of force to apply and what is forcing something to its breaking point. Not that I haven’t stripped screws or broken rails. :smile_cat:


In school they wouldn’t let us use hand tool in shop class. Apparently it was a safety thing. It made it extremely difficult to actually make anything. I’d spend an entire class waiting in line to use a pillar drill and drilling a couple of holes would be all that I did in that class. It would take me an entire month’s worth of classes to do something that I could have done in a single class if I’d been allowed to use hand tools.

Powerful argument for teaching the Sloyd method: