Walking cane rest

My 75 yr old mother-in-law fell down and got a compound fracture of her right wrist and sprained her right knee. The only fortunate thing is that she’s left handed.

She had to get lift chair and the way things are situated in her living room the normal side table had to be on her right. So she’s using a rolling computer laptop table on the left to hold things she can reach.

She’s using a cane to get around and there is no stable place to rest the cane against the left table.

So I cut a Y shaped rest from 1/8” ply. Attached it to the underside of the table with some self adhesive Velcro.


Sorry to hear about the fall … hope she heals well!

I like “Kane Keeper” you could sell those …

Got to mention how cool the cane looks :smiley:.


get it back and put some hearts on it or something which says YOU made it for HER. She’ll love it more.