waiting for my mic6 aluminum to arrive. i3 is temporarily decommissioned.

(Step Cia) #1

waiting for my mic6 aluminum to arrive. i3 is temporarily decommissioned. Meanwhile #M3D keep on printing.

(Mika Saastamoinen) #2

How do you like the M3D? I have it as well, but as it’s my first and only 3D printer (so far:) I don’t have any comparison how good or bad, fast or slow, it really is in terms of print quality or printing speed or anything. I’d be interested in what other M3D users think of it.

(Step Cia) #3

I liked it, I despised it and now I like it again… :slight_smile: I think if they can improve the calibration process, this printer will exceed the expectation for a $300 printer.

(James Luscher) #4

Glad to hear. I’m still waiting for my Micro, being held up for software… and M3D can’t even tell me when the Linux version of their software will be available.

(Mika Saastamoinen) #5

Cool, so it’s not entirely hopeless then. :slight_smile: I also got hooked into it because of the small size and cheap price, but I was not at all sure how that would translate into output quality. Seems OK, now that I’ve printed a whole bunch of stuff, but still can’t compare to other printers. Maybe I’ll try printing 3D benchy to see how it compares with other people’s prints.

M3D also seems slow, and gets even slower as you up the print quality settings. But again, I have no comparison. Are there any FDM printers that are considered “fast” and what kind of print times do they have, e.g. for 3D benchy?

Also the calibration process for M3D is a real royal pain in the you-know-where, especially the backlash calibration, for which I’ve watched the instruction video a few times without getting much wiser, and hence have not managed to get my round shapes/tubes quite right. Better, but still not quite right.