Viki 2.0 wiring

(Jayhoff_SW) #1

Noticed that there was no pin mapping guide in the “panels” page so here is the 1:1 pin mapping for the viki 2.0 LCD screen (Using the suggested config for 4 driver smoothie)
SDCD to P0.27
BTN to P1.30
SDCS to P2.8
LCS to P0.16
SCK to P0.15
GND to 5v power supply’s ground
ENCB to P3.26
ENCA to P3.25
MISO to P0.8
A0 to P2.11
MOSI to P0.18
+Vin to 5v power supply

Correct me if i’m wrong, happy holidays!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Thank. Would you mind adding it to the wiki page ?


(jockmac22_SW) #3

Hey … Quick confirmation, you said:

SDCS to P2.8

Meaning the pin labeled ST5 on the SmoothieBoard 1.0b

Is that correct?


  • Jocko