Video from Afrikaburn of The Tunnel of Questionable Elnightenment!

Video from Afrikaburn of The Tunnel of Questionable Elnightenment!

That’s really cool ! and similar to a project that I’m undertaking.

Now if only I could find an affordable source of LEDs… (each of those gates is a 5m string of LEDs, correct ? The best price I could find for such a string is $145 USD* so with 20+ gates that is ~$3k USD.


You can now get the WS2811 strips from my distributor for 1/3 of that cost. Write and tell them Justin Eastman sent ya… f

When I first bought them they were $100 and I had 65 for the project. Lights are not cheap!

I have sent Scott $1000s of dollars and get shipments within 5 days of ordering… He is an honest and reliable contact.

I can vouch for Scott as well. I’ve done many many projects that required me getting stuff from him to keep everything within budget.

Thanks for the comments guys - Buying LEDs is such a different experience than I’m used to - I typically try to buy from local manufacturers and mom’n’pop shops (even if it is a little more expensive) but in this case, the price differences can be an order of magnitude and I’ve become a bit more mercenary. It’s good to find someone who’s worked with hobbyists as I see the artistic potential of DIY electronic LED as huge…

I’ve also had really good luck w/Ray Wu’s store on Likewise - I try to buy from either local electronics shops or places like adafruit/sparkfun. However, when it comes to the LED strips, i’m buying in enough bulk that I can’t afford the prices they’re charging for the strips. I get my ws2811’s for roughly $11/meter, give or take (at 60 leds/meter). LPD8806’s have some benefits over the ws2811’s, but they’re also a bit more expensive, something like 16/meter, roughly.