Vg l5 4050 is not engraving

Good morning all. I just installed my VG L5 4050 and it works, but the laser doesn’t engrave anything on any of the materials, wood, chipboard, and even slipped a sheet of paper under the laser and nothing happened . Can you help me? Thank you

Does the laser light up?
If so what is your focus set at and how do you know?

Hello, please excuse me, but I am using a translator. 
You will find a screenshot and a small video showing you the laser in action. 
Even when passing a paper under the laser, there is no burn. 

Thank you in advance. 

Jean Yves

2nd shipment

The laser needs to be in focus. For that model it it 5-10cm.

Is the lense set 5mm from the item you are engraving. How do you know?

Hello, does the laser have to be 5 millimeters from the wood to be engraved?
If this is the case, the roller on the underside of movement is in the way. (View number 4 of the assembly instructions. I can make another panel support in order to lower the laser)
I just tried with a sheet of paper against the laser and nothing happened. The leaf is intact.
Thanks again for your help.
Jean-Yves Le Trétollec

The second line has the wrong units, should be CM.

The lens on the end of the laser needs to be 5 CENTIMETERS, not MM, from the surface of whatever you are engraving i.e. the wood. After setting that distance you can fine-tune it with the lens holder’s adjustment.

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The wood is well 5 cm from the laser, The “Focus” is the black laser wheel? I turn it like a camera focus but nothing happens, neither aiming or staring, the laser does not mark the wood.
Thank you

I notice from your picture that the laser beam is not very bright?
The beam on these things typically are very bright and illuminates a larger area than you are engraving.
Is your camera filtering the light so it looks dimmer or does it really look that dim and crescent in its shape?


Vidéo laser

Vidéo 2 secondes.mp4 (2.04 MB)

That beam does not look right to me.
I don’t know for sure as I do not have that unit.
Have you contacted the seller?

Some things to try:

  • Measure the DC voltage on the laser module with a DVM
  • Remove the lense holder and see if there is any damage, contamination etc.

These machines are usually made to engrave thin material (about 1-4mm) directly on the same surface that the machine is placed on. Did you try to remove both thick wood blocks and engrave the MDF plate below?