Version 4.0.721 Frontend & 4.0.63 Backend for Windows and OSX are out.

Version 4.0.721 Frontend & 4.0.63 Backend for Windows and OSX are out.

Frontend: Thanks @Jorge_Robles

  • Display version number at the top of the app
  • Added A axis for Rotary under Laser Raster ( please test and report )
  • Restored advanced Laser Raster options
  • Bug fixes

Backend: Thanks @cprezzi

  • Updated TinyG support ( please test )
  • Serial port auto-detection / auto-refresh

Yes!!! Just what I was waiting for!!! Thanks @cprezzi:slight_smile:

Was able to jog the Ox around with the TinyG board

@Alex_Krause Cool. There is still an issue with the speed. It looks like the queue buffer machanism for TinyG is not correctly working yet, but I will look into that.

TinyG does not have a “Laser Mode” yet, so movement stops on each S-value change, which basically makes it non usable for raster engraving, but should be ok for cnc-milling.

Which stepper output does the rotary A axis default to? I have a rotary for my mill but I think it’s too tall to fit but I can rig something up pretty fast to test this.

@Jim_Fong you’ll need to have an A axis stepper driver. for more info look here

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty have plenty of spare stepper drivers. Found the config info in the link. Thanks.


Loaded up latest edge firmware cnc. Modified config.txt to add the ABC axis and turned off extruder axis with “false”

wired up a stepper and hooked it up to the Z axis to test. I can jog the stepper with the z buttons. That verifies I made the stepper wiring right.

Moved the stepper driver/motor over to the “A” axis on the Cohesion3d Mini and configured the A axis pins as
Step 2.3
Dir 0.22
EN 0.21

No rotary movement when running gcode. The gcode itself has the A axis commands. The stepper isn’t enabled, shaft doesn’t lock up.

Config.txt used

@Jim_Fong ​​ you need to config stepper PIN, DIR, etc to that driver, so its recognized as an A axis. You keep Saying as is an user other driver for A. Does it make sense?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I’m pretty sure I configured step/dir correct for that driver. Need someone to look at the config.txt to see if I missed something.

Post it here and in the smoothie community please

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty the config.txt is the pastebin posted above.

Sorry did not see it

@cprezzi ​ I sent you a hangouts message with a few of my findings… Figure I would talk to you so I can get the issues posted in the correct sections of git

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty FYI I recompiled the source for 4 axis and got the rotary to move. Time to test laserweb rotary gcode. Thanks

@Jim_Fong awesome news.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty it would be nice to add in some rotary jog buttons to laserweb now!!!

@Jim_Fong post some test images and videos and the dev’s will sure work on it :slight_smile:

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I’ll post something this weekend if I have time.