Vacuum Table

A while ago I asked here for vacuum pumps. This is how it went :wink:

A few months ago we ordered these cheap ABS cases from Aliexpress. I planned to replace the side inserts with laser-cut ones. But it turned out that the replacement was not so easy to produce :confused:

Then I jumped into designing a vacuum table. My idea was to have a base (green) and different tops (blue) to hold the parts (red) in place.

The shop vac does not like its new job :wink: But milling a set takes about 2’. So it won’t overheat. At first I expected the parts to fly around the shop. But nothing happened: It just worked :sunglasses:

By the way: The whole vacuum table was milled with Kiri:Moto. Also the paths for milling the inserts are done with Kiri. The Trace operation does a very good job there.

More pictures:

Source files (Fusion 360 and STEP):
VacuumTable_2x5.f3d (1.3 MB) | VacuumTable_2x5.step (913.4 KB)


Nice project.
Did you seal the particle board?
If not does it leak? Perhaps with your vac that is a good thing.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Sealing was my β€œPlan B”. But it was not necessary.