Vacuum forming with 3d printed model.

Vacuum forming with 3d printed model. :slight_smile:

What would you use this for?

Have to ask this too… tried to find some useful things that can be made via vacuum forming and besides large bath tubs and the ocasional statuette or some crazy wall art all the rest were packaging stuff, trays and … this :slight_smile: :

@Mario_Hachemer ​​ A scale model maker needs it for packaging his cars. Then easter is coming soon :wink: and how about ice cream moulds?

Edit: I’m Swiss and chocolate is my passion. :wink:

its good for building covers, like an storm trooper suit.

I have made Chocolate molds, and canopies for model airplanes.

How much heat does that plastic will tolerate before melting?

It looks interesting but I don’t understand how it is working.

My kids and I built a similar one but we cannot find small plastic sheets. Where do you get yours?

They could be used for packing, molding and making thin walled prints like face masks. Other things walled prints could be done in multiple pieces. Filler could be done on the cheap in you want to use it for more structural objects.

Nice vacuum form

Actually the proper name is thermoforming