Using OpenSCAD Web GUI to make a DXF to cut a project

Recently, a porting of OpenSCAD to a web browser was announced:

The developer was kind enough to add DXF/SVG export, so that I was able to do:


Since the first went well, trying a second, just in time for Valentine’s Day:


And success!


You’re like Chicken Man (1960s radio show about the adventures of the white winged warrior-The most fantastic crimefighter the world has ever known!, “Chicken Man, he’s everywhere”), Will :slight_smile:

Way OT, but in a different venue you helped me get started with CNC chip carving. After a lapse I’ve gotten back to it, including working through some beginner books and adapting their techniques to CAD and v-carving. Your help back then was invaluable, thank you!


Thanks! (I think?)

You’ll need to post some images and step-by-steps of the chip carving stuff — sounds interesting!

I’m revisiting the above (need to fix the OpenSCAD code for one thing) and then moving on to how this sort of thing can best be utilized/integrated w/ Carbide Create.

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