Using MKS-DLC32 LCD Squareline studio

Squareline studio is software for making a GUI for things like ESP32.
It generates some code that uses the LVGL library for driving the display.

I made a project for WT32-SC01. It is just a spi 480x320 touch screen with some headers and an esp32.
I got a basic template project up and running so that any GUI from squareline could be dropped in an the UI fuctions. Other parts of the code of course need to be added.

The WT32-SC01 uses the exact same LCD and Driver chip as the MKS-DLC32. ST7796_DRIVER. Both use TFT_eSPI. I am having trouble finding the part number of the LCD/driver chip, but I remember finding it in the past and it being the same part.

They have different ESP32 chips. And so they also have different pin outs.

It seems like I could change the pins to those used in MKS-DLC32.
And it should just work. Right?

Well it runs but the screen is black. You see a blip of all white, and the backlight comes one. The code can be made to sends serial messages but that is it. It has been verified to still work with original firmware.

Anyone have a clue? It is frustrating because I don’t know if it is an error or I am just missing something.