Using DOS like riding a bicycle!

I have a Dell Mini computer that is a single 1.2 GHZ Atom processor with 2MB of RAM and a 30GIG SSD that I am donating. It originally came with WinXP. I have attempted to install different Linux distros numerous times, but unfortunately due to the limitations of the distros and software that is still compatible to work with the aging hardware, I decided it was time to abandon the computer. I decided to install FreeDOS on a whim before I set it free. I forgot how much fun it is to use a DOS only computer. Yes, Linux command line is similar but still not the same. It was fun to reminisce and even better to start unloading the old hardware that is no longer viable to use anymore.

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Ya, it’s tough to toss that stuff out but when you think that a rPi can do the same work or even a VM on an existing machine… it gets less tough to recycle.

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Don’t forget to load everything into himem so you get those cdrom drivers, and doskey loaded while boasting 612K free. :slight_smile: