Using BlockSCAD (OpenSCAD) and 3D CAM to make a Poker Chip Tray

If one is willing to use a 3D CAM tool, then it is quite simple to model projects in 3D using OpenSCAD or the Blockly variant BlockSCAD:

Going to that pack and clicking on “Create my Own”

will bring one to an editing interface:

where one can adjust the parameters and then click “Render” to get a 3D preview:

and clicking on “Generate STL” will download an STL to one’s Downloads folder:

Poker Tray Remix.stl (17.7 KB)

which may then be imported into the 3D CAM tool of one’s choice — using the commercial Carbide Create Pro (ob. discl., I work for Carbide 3D) is shown at:

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