Used LaserWeb with my new diode laser to make some N-Scale (1:160 scale) buildings.

Used LaserWeb with my new diode laser to make some N-Scale (1:160 scale) buildings. The machine is an OpenBuilds Acro style with a GShield, NDB7875 9mm 445nm Laser Diode, and a JTechPhotonics driver. Fantastic resolution on the cuts, now I just need to polish up my painting skills.

looks awesome!!! How many watts is that laser? What material are you cutting?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty 3.1w peak, though I run them around 2w without any thermal issues. I’m cutting 0.6mm cardstock from cereal boxes.

@Ivan_Iakimenko at what speed?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty For full depth cuts I do 3 passes, full power (2w), 800mm/min. For engraving to a depth of 0.2mm I do one pass, full power, 0.06mm laser diameter, 1000mm/min.

How mush was Cost 3.1w ? And From Where u Buy it :slight_smile: Thanks

@P_Mido $65

But you need the driver also

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Correct. The site sells drivers as well, but I prefer the JTechPhotonics driver.

Which drive u prefer from JTechPhotonics ?

@P_Mido Please look at the speed and setting Ivan used, he made 3 passes and 13mm/s.

Also his cutting cardboard

i was using my laser to cut plastic 1mm and about 6 passe and he can cut i think speed was 250

@P_Mido I have this laser driver:
I do not use my diode laser to cut plastic, my K40 CO2 does a much better job with that. I prefer my diode for detail work and more delicate materials that the CO2 laser would blow through even at the lower settings.

@P_Mido plastic and cardboard are very different.

Aha … Thanks to let me know i was wrong :slight_smile:

@Ivan_Iakimenko - I have a program that automates drawing custom arch windows, you might be interested:

@Dan_Marshall Hey, that’s really cool! I’ll have to find me a model that uses arch windows now so I can cut a few. Thanks!