Upgrading a 4XC with another driver

(digiex_chris_SW) #1

I’ve read that you can upgrade a 4 driver board to a 5 driver board. I don’t need anything more than a 5th stepper, so does that mean I can just use the parts from the BOM under the Stepper 5 row, or do I need something else? I’m referencing Rows 247 to 264 on the BOM linked under Sources on the main smoothieboard page.

Will I need the Digipot 2 components, starting at rows 47?

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Yep you do need the second digipot ( but nothing more I think )

It’s a lot of work though, much easier just to wire an external driver …

(digiex_chris_SW) #3

I’m confused, digipot 1 runs stepper 1-4, and 2 runs stepper 5? Why is that?

(digiex_chris_SW) #4

Never mind. Each one has 4 outputs.