Update on my power supply failure.

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Update on my power supply failure.

When I opened up the failed power supply, I found that the input side of the high voltage transformer had shorted out to a near by capacitor. I opened the new power supply and found that the line followed the same path. I insulated the capacitor and line with kapton tape. I then added some non conductive foam between the problem areas. A quick inspection of the failed power supply also showed that the output line was rubbing on the power supply case. I made sure this was also isolated on the new power supply.

@donkjr The power supply failure was not related to the oil from the refrigeration compressor in the cooling water.

Everything is working good as new. (as it should!)

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First time I have seen this kind of failure. Is the old supply working now?

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@donkjr I have not done any repairs on the damaged PS. The replacement was modified with additional insulation and inspection of all areas that could possibly rub and cause a similar failure.