Unerwartet d089|17 an interesting slicer fail..

Unerwartet d089|17

an interesting slicer fail…

I had also an interesting accident some time ago: A gear of my extruder stepper motor lost two teeth, making it work pretty unreliable. It would still print, but the results were a bit like rubber - you could squeeze them quite a bit before breaking.

It’s beautiful.

It might not be a failure of the slicer. The model’s wall might just be too thin to reliably extrude for the given nozzle, and that is different between different plastics. There might be a special setting in Slic3r for thin walls but I don’t know.

Looks good to me lol

User error?

@Jeff_DeMaagd Sliced again worked fine. As it is a spiral print there is no wall it is just the surface of the object. And the preview was looking ok - not sure why there was this extreme under extrusion but i have seen this not the first time that the slicer (cura 2.3.1) produced a bad G-code. @Thomas_Sanladerer Nope!

I once has Slic3r produce GCODE that forced the head into the print bed! Couldn’t find anything wrong with the printer.

Re-sliced and got the same result, quit and restarted Slic3r, re-sliced and all was fine. Which was disconcerting :frowning:

Just found the reason for this, the filamentdiameter was set to 2.85 instead of 1.75. As i didn’t changed this somehow the values from the generic materials (which are at 2.85 ) were transfered to that profile. That is quite funny as these values didn’t change at all even when i intentionally change the material — where these should change. However, just downloading Cura 2.4 - hoping the material handling has improved …

@Ulrich_Baer Well at least you now know a quick and dirty way of producing Voronoi prints :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Mark_Wheadon haha, but as PET is very “stringy” you could indeed produce a lightweigth Object - maybe this would be good for supports or an narrow but light infill. Just a few days ago @Bjorn_Marl showed me a failed ~ 60% infill TPU print which resulted in a super soft Object, like a sponge or foam - probably caused by underextusion or temp.

@Ulrich_Baer Interesting – thank you. Filed away at the back of my mind for possible future use :slight_smile: It’s fun to push the tech in strange and unusual directions.

Guys im just reading and learning. Total noob here lol

@Cristian_Martinez that is the way, how do you think we started?

I read everything i can find. Especially what goes wrong so i know what to look out for lol

its often much more helpfull to see what can go wrong instead of seeing the perfekt results. And there will be always enough room to make/learn from your own mistakes.

Amen to that lol

And in your case @Ulrich_Baer ​ those mistakes can sometimes turn out beautiful and end up on display lol