UK suppliers for good laser plywood

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I’m a little stuck on where to buy the best laser plywood? The birch ply I’ve bought from Amazon is really hard to cut, I had a small sample from Epilog that I used to test which was much less dense and cut like a dream on a much lower power setting!

I have a few projects I’d love to get going on, but having a really hard time getting clean cuts - I’m aligned / new lens etc - I thought the problem was my laser / me, but when I did the test with the Epilog I couldn’t believe it cut so easily!

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks so much

Donna x

Most common plywood uses a urea-formaldehyde glue which is resistant to CO2 laser cutting. Normally not a huge issue when it’s in a thin layer, but sometimes you get voids in the layers that fill up with glue which do not want to cut.

The easiest plywood to laser cut uses a melamine glue. Not sure of any UK suppliers, but that’s what you need to search for.

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Thank you!! I was Wondering if there was too much glue in the layers of Oly I bought, but this makes much more sense!

I’ll post a link if I find some good supplies! :grin::+1: Xx


I was the guy who suggested Daisy moon on amazon. Their ply is good quality, generally comes flat and is very sturdy. I have bought others which are easier to cut but they are warped, very light and not too strong (flexed easily) and wasn’t quite 3mm which might not seem much but with boxes with finger joints they were a bit loose. Cuts easier than Daisy Moon ply.
Try amazon “lasercutouts birch plywood A4 sheets”. Sold by laser craft. Pack of 10 for £13.99.

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