UGS DRO help

Hi all,

I have a (silly ?) question.
I am quite new to Universal Gcode Sender and I love this soft !

I wanted to set the Z value to something different from 0

So I clicked on the “set Z work position” button but nothing happened.

I was expecting a gcode like this : G10 P0 L20 Z1.0

Any idea how to get this working ?

I can’t see the version of UGS you are using, but I suspect that you have encountered the bug that I introduced when I upgraded to a newer Java version.

The problem should be fixed in version 2.1.4:


It’s a version downloaded a few days ago !

Thanks for this sooo fast answer !

I will wait for next release (I can still manually send the gcode sentence !)
Thanks for this great software.
I have tested a lot and hesitated with gsender to finally stay with UGS which much better for continuous jogging mode!

Yep it was indeed the 2.1.3 version.
Now upgraded to 2.1.4 (I thought I had the lastest !) and the bug is corrected !
Great :+1:

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