TTL and PWM lasers

I am very new to the laser community. I am trying to build a laser engraver using GRBL 1.1 board and a laser module I have had sitting on a shelf for some years now. The laser module is at least 5 years old and it has the laser driver sitting on top of the fan, which sits on top of the laser module. The driver board has two connections. One has three pins but only two are labeled as 12v and neg. The third pin doesn’t have a label. The second connector has two pins labeled TTL - and +. My GRBL 1.1 board only has one connector for the laser to connect to. This is a three-pin connector labeled PWM, 12v, and neg. I need to know how to connect this laser module to the GRBL 1.1 board.

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PS- please have patience with me as I am a slow learner. (c:

No worries; we have gaggles of patience …

I suggest while we are gathering information, search this forum for info on laser diode machines.

Provide if you can:

  • Source info on the controller board manufacturer, link to a website with info on the controller.
  • Source info on the laser diode head and driver.

Please post pictures of:

  • The laser diode driver module showing all connectors and their labeling.
  • Your GRL board showing all the connectors and their labeling (you can substitute an image and pinouts from the manufacturor)

Typical laser diode driver connections [don’t know if this is yours];

  • +12v laser power supply
  • -12V laser power supply ground
  • Temperature: this may be your third pin
  • TTL+: a positive going PWM signal that controls power
  • TTL -: ground for the TTL+ signal

--------------------------- to help us help you -----------
With this info, we will know how to approach the project.
Do you have experience with electronics and the use of test equipment?

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