True Words ;-) Let's make it happen!!!  

True Words :wink:

Let’s make it happen!!!


No. no it’s not.
heres a good article on why:

Still it could bring back domestic manufacturing in some areas and definately revolutionize todays manufacturing.
Was more referring to this article:
where he makes fun of the “Home Taping is Killing the Music Industry” line.

It’s not going to revolutionize manufacturing, it’s appropriate for very few applications. It will continue to get into more homes and small businesses. The 3D printed house will probably be a revolution in pre-fab, but injection moulding will continue to make LEGO.

@Bracken_Dawson hit has completely revolutionized manufacturing in my world, and with many, many others.
I am printing and selling productions parts that I can not justify investing in a injection mold, and I can re-tool and update when my component manufactures make changes.