Tronxy 2e issues

Recently purchased a Tronxy x5sa-400-2e. I am a novice and figured not a bad price for a first machine to learn and modify on. Anyways I cant get it to print dual color to save my life. Its behaves as if it is not retracting far enough. It prints either extruder fine as a single color. But when I build a dual color print. It will lay down the first color with E1 but when it attempts to switch to E2 the new color does not come out of the extruder. It the extruder just clicks and clicks chewing up the filament. If I pull back the first filament by hand the second will feed just fine. I have messed with the retraction distance and speed to no avail. It will still not feed from second extruder. It attempts it but seems like a failure to retract on the first color. Any help would be much appreciated as I learn. Other than it having a wonky plate to level I am happy with initial purchase. Good starter machine.

Which slicing software are you using?

You say that you adjusted the retraction settings… which one? the one in the general printing settings? (if so; waves hand; ‘that is not the retraction you are looking for’.)

You should have specific color change gcode defined as part of the printers tool change definitions. That is where you should start looking, and where the color change retraction value is specified.

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Ive been using Cura and the Tronxy version. And have been struggling. I have been assuming the G code has been generating correctly in Cura and the Tronxy version. I am a total newb to editing G code. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.