Tried the Torture test print on my Printxel.

Tried the Torture test print on my Printxel. I have issues :stuck_out_tongue:
Issues with flow and Y skipping. My Ymotor did reach 82*c
during the print.

It looks like your Y axis is binding. Is this the axis that you swapped out the driver?

Hi Billy
Yes. I did adjust the driver but haven’t tested it yet.

Most likely a driver adjustment problem.

Turn the pot on the driver down all the way and then turn it up 90 degrees. Work on from there.

I plan on that @Mano_Biletsky_Open_M plus see what’s up with the Y axis belt/rods. To check for binding. Might have to take it apart again.

I tweaked the pot and took apart the Y axis and this is a comparison shoot. Todays in the back. Y motor stayed at 47*c.

Nice! Good to see it helped!

Looks like your layers are quite nice and it seems the only thing preventing a nice print are the drop outs. Do you have the new style tensioner with the bearing?

Yes @Billy there is a bearing in the middle.

Here is a video that I threw together that demonstrates the
noise associated with the Y axis problems before and how it sounds now.