Touch Plate with GRBL 1.1


Using with Shapeoko running GRBL 1.1f.

The Touch Plate widget does not load, clicking the button does nothing. I’m looking to set the Z zero at every tool change for a PCB.

Is this widget not supported anymore?

I know that it used to work with GRBL 0.9.


It should be supported. Can you see if there are Javascript errors showing in your browser when you try to load it?


No errors or warnings shown with Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome. Clicking Widgets>Touch Plate appears to do nothing. The menu closes and the button is not shown as being selected.


I have tried to run it with a few different browsers and on different computers.

Does the Touch Plate widget open/work for anyone?

(Grant Le Sueur) #5

Yes I was just using it tonight testing my Zmin input which I’m using for the touch plate.


For sure you are using with GRBL 1.1?

The Touch Plate button does nothing for me.

(Grant Le Sueur) #7

Nope Im using the TinyG workspace. did you try just using the Gcode that the touch plate wizard spits out.

G21 G91 (Use mm and rel coords or incremental mode)
G38.2 Z-20 F50 (Starts the probing routine down 20mm @ 50 mm/sec)
G28.3 Z1.75 (Sets the Z offset to 1.75mm ie the thickness of the touch off plate)
G91 G0 Z2 (Backs you off 2mm in incremental mode)
G90 (sets you back to absolute mode)


The TinyG one works, but not the GRBL 1.1.

I might have to just do it with a macro.

(Grant Le Sueur) #9

How did you get on making a macro. Im working on the Super Touch Plate widget now so could help to make some changes it to make it work better with GRBL if needed. I dont have a GRBL to test it against but was wondering if the issue is associated with the GRBLs support of the G38.2 command and what the JSON server returns… the touch plate wizard is looking for the JSON message to be retunred after a G38.2 is sent.



Your Super Touch Plate widget can watch all incoming serial port messages just like any other widget can monitor incoming serial port messages. What you do is subscribe to the incoming serial port messages by looking at the pubsub dialog box in the serial port widget for help.

If you subscribe by using the Javascript in your code or in a macro:
chilipeppr.subscribe("/com-chilipeppr-widget-serialport/recvline", this, callback);

var callback = function(data) {
console.log(“data:”, data);
var json = $.parseJSON(data.dataline);
// look for your feedback data here

This is the pubsub dialog I’m talking about:


I never looked at using a macro to set the Z, I just did it manually.

Do you need me to test anything with GRBL 1.1 to get the Super Touch Plate widget working?