Too cheap to pass up!

$99.00, 10% off (code is wg10off for site wide discount) plus shipping = $106.00

Still saving for a Voron!

You certainly get what you pay for! That said, it is not bad once you get the kinks worked out.

It is a bit on the flimsy side but to be expected for the cost. I was at a loss due to bad/inconsistent prints and a lot of error messages when sending gcode to the printer.

The issue with the prints was due to some settings not being dialed in like the retraction being too much which resulted in a clogged hotend.

The gcode issue was due to the receive buffer not being large enough.

I would call it a win/win for the price. I know I will get spoiled with the X1 but will keep the bed slingers as backups and when I want to print while doing large jobs on the X1.