Tonight may be the night of my first print.

Tonight may be the night of my first print. Been about 3 months in the making and a lot of help and parts from the community! I will do a live hangout if it gets working. :slight_smile:

Nice setup!

Nice work

I’m sure your mother is very proud of you. She has taught you fine manners as well.

Thanks for the apology and your valuable advice.

I’m sure you didn’t.

I hope those parts worked out for you, can’t zoom in far enough to tell :wink: + me directly if you do a hangout. Would love to see it moving.

@Nathan_O_Kane looking good! Print yourself a minimug and if it holds a tot of whisky you’re good to go :).
I would worry every so slightly about the heated bed power being so close to the belt - mine comes from the side.

Super excites to ear how it works, the whole experience in either manner will be awesome to hear about! :0)

Aluminum is completely unnecessary for the build platform of a 3D printer. Curious as to what you are actually using there. Looks kinda like kapton tape.

Awesome…3D printing is magic.

Well done … make that baby print

@Ross_Hendrickson I will probably be making something tonight. I need to level the bed a bit more and repair the tape that was damaged by not leveling the bed correctly in the first place.

@Nathan_Ryan Some people prefer it to attaching glass directly to the y axis, it makes bolting things easier.

@David_Brightbill it really is… I was blown away watching in amazement.

@Theo_Ioannou Thanks, I will tonight! - Might even start posting some photos and files of new objects.