Today news... stay tuned :-)

Today news… stay tuned :slight_smile:


This is pretty exciting :slight_smile:

and on grbl1.1!

That looks pretty cool.


So how are you getting the data from the joystick over to the Arduino? Are you going joystick to browser to Arduino? Or are you going joystick to Arduino?

Only one spare pin on the Uno @jlauer ​.

If it’s to one pin, is it talking I2C then?

I meant that comms to an Uno would not be possible.

The i2c bus pins are used for other things in grbl too unfortunately.

Might be possible to send direct to the RX port but that would bypass the filters and controls in the UI and SJPS. So I think Luca is using SJPS to address CP and then fire off compliant jog commands.

I’m using a Nano, he reads data from his analog inputs and sends serial json-like messages to spjs, then the widget capture this data and sends Jog commands to the Uno.

Oh, I see. You have two serial ports open. Got it. That’s cool.