Time to start printing in HIPS.

(Michael Scholtz) #1

Time to start printing in HIPS. After @Thomas_Sanladerer review of the Lulzbot it seems it may be a filament worth using.
Can people that have used it give me some general advice on settings for a starting point, bed sticking and temp ( on glass heated)

(Keith Applegarth) #2

I have used Coropads and am currently testing the bed film 3D-EEZ. So, far I am leaning towards the 3D-EEZ product. You can get a sample bottle which will do quite a few 200mmx200mm beds. I have totally redone the bed twice and still have 2/3rds of the sample bottle.

(Dale Dunn) #3

It’s very similar to ABS, so you can start with successful ABS settings. I’ve been printing it onto glue stick on glass.

(matthew bennett) #4

I have read 105 and “daub” on gluestick, you don’t want the glass smooth.

(Keith Applegarth) #5

I didn’t like glue stick because of the mess…

(Mike Kelly) #6

HIPS prints fine but it’s not great for structural parts. It’s very brittle.

250C is a good printing temp for it. 80C is probably plenty on the bed.

(Michael Scholtz) #7

Cooling Fan ?

(Mike Kelly) #8

No fan needed