Time to move to Twitter or some other service?

(Jarrid Kerns) #1

Time to move to Twitter or some other service?


Away from G+?

(Alex Krause) #3

G+ is shutting down

(Peter Hanse) #4

Not sure if twitter would work as well. I liked G+ since you could discover groups and really Taylor your feed. Facebook has to much crap and twitter not sure if discover is very easy.

(George Allen) #5

It’s taken a long time to build up community. Chilipeppr & DIY CNC’s G+ service is where I learned most of what I know about CNC. This could be disruptive.

(George Allen) #6

I did prefer G+ over FB.


I can’t really think of any social network that has the best model for the tech community. G+ really did have a great model. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all seem like not the right place for us. Pinterest could maybe be a solution.

(George Allen) #8

I’m on Pinterest frequently. I never really viewed it like G+ or FB. Twitter’s not gonna work, I think. I don’t use Instagram currently. Microsoft doesn’t have a decent social net do they?

(George Allen) #9

A guy in the Ox group Jereme Tarot, has suggested some type of alternative. I’m unfamiliar with the framework & everything involved.

(Colin Kaminski) #10

@jlauer Have you played with Slack?

(George Allen) #11

Apparently, services won’t end until August next year, but ppl are trying to coordinate some type of service elsewhere.

(Matt “Arbies” Arabie) #12

I have seen alot of people moving to discord. Not real good for organizing lots of info but good for Q&A.

(Alex Krause) #13

Reddit could possibly be an outlet … Still not a great option


I use Slack at the office, but that doesn’t seem super great either for a forum like this.

(George Allen) #15

@jlauer Does Pinterest have forums similar to G+ or even somewhat like FB? I really like their format and that’s where I’ve collected all my ideas in CNC, Woodworking, resin, welding, molding etc.

(Jarrid Kerns) #16

Some of the communities I’m part of are testing mewe and a few others. I am not sure how I feel about mewe.